104th issue.

The MLB trade deadline is right around the corner, and football is not too long after that. The Dog Days will come and go before you know it! This week features a majority of MLB-related links, highlighting pitch framers, game-time temps and home runs, and analysis for changing zone rates. CRUTCH, a fun new metric, is introduced by a site that produces great visualizations and web experiences. Lastly, a link to a soccer e-book for those who want tools and resources in one concise location.

I am interested in sports-related data science opportunities within the betting or DFS space. Know someone I should chat with? I'll buy you a coffee.

Self Promotion

I recently created SP K Prediction, which identifies positive expected value in MLB starting pitcher strikeout bets and automatically updates each morning. Additionally, it creates market odds for which pitcher will have the most strikeouts that day based on 10k simulations. Check it out, I think it's rad.

This Week's Lineup

Weekly Unexpected Quote

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."


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In August, I am graduating with a Master of Applied Data Science from the University of Michigan, let's connect.

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